Can Dynamic Pricing Really Increase My Green Fee Revenue?

For many years, I have heard experienced golf industry people call for a change, away from the “race to the bottom” model that seems to have dominated our business for several years now.  

There has been a constant cry for help from owners and operators who have seen their green fee prices reduce to golfers whilst costs increase, squeezing profitability and resulting in a business that is under-performing.

If this sounds familiar, I am pleased to say that there is a solution.  

ClubNet Systems is an Irish-based club management software company that has been providing technology solutions for the golf industry since 2011.  After establishing their position as the number 1 provider to Irish golf clubs, ClubNet is now available in the UK, and we are offering dramatic savings of around 30%-40% on the annual license fees for our products.  Reducing your costs is one important element of improving your profitability.

On the revenue side of the equation, our tee time management module can help you increase your revenue, as we now offer an automated “Dynamic Pricing” option to the list of features of our tee sheet management systems.  This state-of-the-art solution allows the golf club management team to set and control their green fees exactly how they want.   They can set fixed rates (where there is one rate for midweek and another for a weekend), or flexible rates (where you might have lower prices at off-peak times, and higher prices at other times) and also dynamic rates (which are automatically adjusted upwards when demand is high).

This dynamic pricing option is a unique development that allows the golf club management team to set a minimum price and a maximum price for green fees for a time period (we recommend your peak times, like weekends), which allows them to advertise “Prices from £X” to ensure your course remains competitive, but the number of tee times available at these low rates can be limited, to encourage golfers to book and pay for their tee time early, as prices will go up at busy times.

This dynamic pricing solution is based on the models used in many other industries, and we have all seen these working for hotel room bookings, airline tickets and other industries where there is finite availability.   Once you have set the time period and the minimum and maximum prices, the system does the rest.  Here is an example:

The golf club chooses a peak time, when they know they will be busy, for example a weekend day: 

This £408 increase in revenue represents an 8% increase. The software will make the changes in price automatically, you don’t have to do anything.  You then have the choice to set up fixed rates or flexible rates (eg twilight etc,) for the afternoon tee times, whatever you wish.

You also retain and have full control over the data from golfers who book with you, and it is fully set up for GDPR compliance.  You can then use this data to engage with your customers, encourage them to return to your club and build a loyal group of visitors.

But most importantly, this system encourages your regular golfers to book and pay early to get the best prices, and if they leave the decision to the last minute, they may well be paying the premium prices.  

To take back control of your green fee rates, your visitor engagement and control of your tee times, please get in touch. My contact details are:

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Jerry Kilby CMM
Business Development Consultant
ClubNet Systems