Contour Golf Ltd

In many ways Contour are unique; the most obvious being that this is the only golf construction company to be founded and run by a woman, Ingrid Eichler.

While this might be considered a 'curio' by some, those in the know regard it as a much more important element, the attention to detail and expertise displayed by a woman in 'a man's world' displays a desire to succeed and be seen to succeed that is much higher and more professional than the run of the mill company.

Beneath the obvious unique selling points, Contour are even stronger; "It is our intention to show potential clients that a golf construction project; however big or small, can be a rewarding and efficient process. This in itself is different to what other companies can offer." Explained Eichler who continued, "When we look at a job it is with the eye of professional engineers and dedicated golfers. If you allow us to show you our previous work this will become apparent."

No matter what your golf course construction need, Contour Golf really ought to be your first call; first class attention to detail is priceless.

1 Jubilee Cottages
Norton Road
United Kingdom
07785 272 935