Retail Summary

Golf Datatech

The end of March signals the end of the first quarter 2019. An interesting period that has on the one hand been dogged by Brexit, which has not been great for retailing in general, yet on the other benefited from unseasonal good weather, in particularly sunshine that brings more golfers out on to courses.

Growth compared to 2018

Overall sales in value terms for each of the three months have been good when compared to 2018 and were January +4.7%, February +10.4% and March +10.9%, these yielding a cumulative result of +8.9%. However, we must not get carried away. Last year was not the greatest and so it is important to also review 2019 figures with 2017. January was -15.2%, February +2.7% and March + 4.4% giving a cumulative for the three months of -2.3%.

Cash in the till is both essential for individual business and a valuable guide to how the industry is performing. So, too, are sales quantities as these take out the effects of price rises and are better indicators of the number of people purchasing. Here we find 2019’s overall performance compared to the previous year is +3.4%. most product groups showed growth. 

Apparel an important product group

We are paying special attention to apparel this year owing to its enhanced profit potential and the important part it plays in the overall mix of products sold in golf shops. The sub-groups account for the following shares of total golf sales in 2018.

  • Tops 9%
  • Shirts 7%
  • Bottoms 4%
  • Outerwear 3%

Most of these groups showed growth in value terms for the year to date achieving +9.7% overall. The main exceptions being outwear, not surprisingly owing to the recent fine weather.  It was down -0.3%.

So, golf sales for the first quarter have been good despite the state of the economy. This bodes well for the future.

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