Nayax - The modern way to take money on your golf range

At first you might be a little wary of using this device, but in reality it’s one of the best things that could possibly happened to your golf range. The reason for this is that the Nayax system will take credit card payments for buckets of balls so those of us living in a cashless society now find it much easier to purchase balls on the golf range. If you are used to selling balls via a discounted card, with customer credit discount card, then Nayax will be much more cost effective, as there is no need to offer any discount whatsoever. 
Most ranges are finding an increase in overall turnover with the system and with very little downside. On the downside, there is a cost per sale and a small monthly service charge and, most annoyingly, you have to wait until the following month to get money transferred, so an average of about 2-3 weeks from the transaction. Nayax are aware that this is an irritation and have pledged to bring down this payment delay. Back to the good news, there is no discount and the fees paid for using the system are small in comparison with a reduction for bulk buying.
The system is compatible with and installed by European Golf Machinery. Golf Features caught up with Adrian Yallop, founder of European Golf Machinery:
“We are very pleased with how the system has been received. It allows our customers to take more money with less effort and all of the accounting procedures are very simple. It works within the ball pricing that is set up by the range and generally speaking customers love it, as it works without issue and allows them to buy the golf range balls without having to queue in a busy shop or scrabble about for change. We are seeing more and more ranges installing the system and we would recommend it to any golf range operator who is keen to maximise his or her revenue.”
Neil Burke who runs a busy golf range at Horsham, installed the Nayax system over a year ago:
“We take approximately 22% of our income through the system and despite the period of time we have to wait to collect the money, it is very worthwhile. I’m convinced that giving customers the maximum number of different ways to pay for their enjoyment increases our turnover and therefore our profitability. It has been completely reliable since day one and is becoming more popular over time.”
For more information on installing a nice Nayax system at your golf range, please call European Golf Machinery on: (01473) 277177, website: