Marina Bay Golf Course Installs Total Range Technology In 114 Bays

Marina Bay Golf Course

Marina Bay - with Foresight Sports new Total Range Solution.

In a move to benefit golfers at large, and make golf more appealing to everyone, Marina Bay Golf Course announces the introduction of an enhanced, all-in-one sports entertainment experience at its 114-bay golf range facility.

Developed by Marina Bay’s technology partner, Foresight Sports, the new Total Range™ solution combines industry-leading launch monitor technology with a broad spectrum of performance entertainment software – including a precisely replicated digital version of the Marina Bay range – to deliver an unmatched level of precision, variety, and pure entertainment value to players of every age and skill level. 

According to Foresight Sports’ Vice President Jon Watters, Marina Bay Golf Course’s premier range facility is the perfect venue to showcase the future of the sport given the popularity and accessibility of the facility. 
“What we’re most excited about is the opportunity to bring a complete game experience to the local golfing audience. Players can utilise every club in their bag, hit every type of shot, and have absolute confidence that the results are perfectly accurate. That’s really what sets Total Range apart – no limitations in experiencing the game the way players of all skill levels and ages want.”

Every bay at the Marina Bay range will be equipped with Foresight Sports advanced tracking technology, as well as a large touch screen console that allows players to see real-time performance feedback and access a library of world-class courses, games and skill-building challenges. Competing friends and family can also keep track of their game results via a widescreen monitor located behind each bay.
“Technology has transformed the way we learn, teach and play. Our partnership with Foresight Sports is perfectly aligned with our aim to broaden the appeal of golf by making game-enriching technology more readily accessible. Our Total Range™ equipped facility will provide an unprecedented gameplay and entertainment experience, not only to our existing range patrons, but to everyone who’s ever wanted to experience the game of golf,” said Ng Ser Miang, Chairman of NCI Golf. 

 Skill challenges such as Closest-to-the-Pin and Long Drive can be played on selected virtual holes or the range and are priced on a per shot or event basis. Additional seating space will be available on the first level of the driving range to facilitate groups wishing to enjoy food and drinks while playing.  

For golf operators wishing to learn more about Foresight Sports’ Total Range offering, Steve Dacre is available to meet with owners at the U.K.’s head office in Guildford and give them a thorough briefing of this new and exciting technology. There are new models for revenue share, which allow golf range owners and operators to install this outstanding technology for as little as £10 per day per bay, with a commitment of just five bays per site. With new technology providing all sorts of options for the golf range, it is vitally important that golf range owners understand how the technology works and why it will increase business. 

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