Kingsway Golf Centre

The impressive Jurassic Links Adventure Golf Course.

Kingsway Golf Centre, near Royston in Cambridgeshire has developed hugely over the last few years, responding to the changes in golfing habits and new trends, turning the golf centre into one of the best run facilities of its kind today. At the heart of Kingsway’s ethos is that golf should be easily accessible to all the family - and customer service must be the finest possible.

The 38 bay golf range is well appointed with low-level bay dividers, attractive lighting, and two-tone carpeting, top quality balls and mats.  Two and half years ago Kingsway decided to invest in Top Tracer and the technology has had an excellent effect on the range takings, allowing the price of balls to move up slightly higher as well. The range is still well priced with a warm up bucket of 25 balls costing £4, 50 balls for £6 and 100 balls costing only £9. This is very reasonable when comparing with other golf ranges that have introduced technology. 

For many years, Kingsway had a highly successful American Golf shop, but this has now been replaced with an AF golf store.   Alan Fletcher is responsible for the golf shop, teaching and custom fit programme, all of which work very smoothly together with a high focus on customer care and service. The shop features an impressive re-gripping station with every conceivable grip, displayed attractively with fitting available while you wait.  So often gripping is a little seen service provided by golf pros in a back room.  It is fascinating to see such an extensive display of grips and, not surprisingly, business is brisk. All of the teaching pros also play a role within the AF store. This synchronised approach allows for much higher levels of customer care than in facilities where coaching, repairing clubs, custom fit and retailing are separate entities.

  The Melbourne course is a short and very pretty nine hole course with a par of 33, measuring just over 2300 yards. It is designed to be the perfect nursery slope for new golfers, and ideal for those who want to play in a beautiful, but not overly challenging environment. The course is relatively flat and suits most standards of golfer, particularly those younger and older. The green fee costs just £12 for an adult and £7.50 for children, with a second nine available at half price.

The Orchard course is just 678 yards long and is the ideal entry level for new golfers. Green fees are £8 for adults and £6 for juniors, once again half price for a second nine, providing excellent value for money when a family of four can play for just £22.  On each green there are two different sized holes and people can opt to play for blue or yellow flags, depending how challenging a round they seek – the blue flag having the larger hole cup.

The Orchard course is shared with Footgolf and provides an 18 hole layout for those who would rather kick a football than swing a golf club. The whole atmosphere is relaxed and informal and so people can pick their preferred activity and enjoy coming together at the end of the round.

The latest investment made at the golf centre is the impressive Jurassic Links Adventure Golf Course. Heavily themed with dinosaurs and beautifully sculpted with caves, waterfalls, water features and a host of other exciting additions, the course is entertaining hundreds of people on most fine days, particularly weekends and public holidays. The course has been carefully crafted to provide a fun experience for all the family and the ideal introduction to golf itself. The course, which was made by HM Adventure Golf, has left no stone unturned when it comes to their attention to detail. The only fly in the ointment was when a large container ship straddled the Suez Canal, prompting a delay with the delivery of some of the dinosaurs. However, this led to some useful free advertising as a number of media companies jumped on the story, with a follow up promised by the BBC when the dinosaurs finally arrive.

Food and drink are key ingredients to any busy family golf centre and so Jamaica Blue was chosen as the franchise partner for the Kingsway Golf Centre. The franchise costs are reasonable and comfortably covered by the additional turnover that this highly professional and desirable food option produces. High quality, contemporary café dishes are mixed with a traditional blend of alcoholic beverages and perfect coffee. Everything is served with a flourish and a smile and it is a very pleasant environment to top and tail everyone’s golfing experience. Jamaica Blue also had a large input into the design and furnishings of the newly built extension, resulting in a very pleasing modern restaurant area.

Since reopening from the pandemic restrictions, the centre has been rammed out with customers taking advantage of some fine, but cold spring weather and the chance once again to enjoy activities outdoors. A booking system for all of the courses has been deployed and is working very well; booking systems are particularly good at encouraging people not to break the commitment to play golf as they are far more likely to turn up if they have already paid for their round. All of the courses, including the Footgolf, can be booked 28 days in advance and the Jurassic Links Adventure can be booked up to threemonths in advance to allow for special events, birthday parties and corporate outings.

The golf centre is impeccably presented and very well run, and is a credit to the team behind the scenes. 

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