Grade A Achitecture - Argentario Golf Resort & Spa

The 3rd hole at Argenario Golf Resort is a long challenge

There are few more exhilarating feelings in golf than standing on an elevated tee box and having to overcome the views provided and the shotmaking challenges called upon.

The par-5 3rd at Argentario begins with an elevated tee pad. The views of the surrounding area clearly grab you attention but the wherewithal to focus on executing the tee shot is an absolute must.

The most critical aspect is finding the fairway because a cluster of bunkers encroach on the left side and the landing area becomes narrower as the distance attained from the tee increases.

Extremely long hitters will have to pay attention as the fairway tapers in and there’s a perpendicular creek that inserts itself into the equation too. Players opting to take a more conservative game plan from the tee will find more landing area but then will be challenged on the 2nd shot as fairway bunkers and a limited landing area need to be avoided.

The putting surface is not wide but quite lengthy so gauging the correct distance is a must.

The 3rd at Argentario comes early in the round. Players have to decide if a bold play is warranted. There’s plenty to reap if the execution is sound but nothing is assured if anything but high quality shotmaking is exhibited.

The concept of risk/reward is a central element used on many par-5 holes and the 3rd at Argentario showcases this the moment you step on the tee. It’s easy to become distracted by the distant views but success can only be attained in thoroughly understanding one’s golf game and then implementing it with clear conviction.