Course Maintenance

Phased Toro Irrigation Installation Delivers Results at Every Step for Leighton Buzzard 

Over the last four years, Leighton Buzzard Golf Club has been phasing in a new Toro irrigation system and each time there is a new installation the improvements are clear to see, says course manager, Paul Harris.

  The club started discussions with Irritech and Reesink Turfcare four years ago and decided a phased installation plan would allow them to make improvements without major disruption to its members.

“When I first started around six years ago, there was a real mismatch of sprinklers and systems,” says Paul. “So my first job was to try and get some uniformity. We initially replaced all our sprinkler heads with Toro T7s, then two years ago we had Toro Lynx Central Control installed.

  “The improvement was noticeable each time we added more Toro. With the sprinklers came consistency and with the Lynx control system, we can be more efficient and target specific areas, so we quickly started saving money and water. That was really important for us as we were watering off the mains.”

In November 2019, the final phase began. The new system, designed by Irritech and installed by LS Systems Ltd, consisted of brand new pipework and cabling, and 500 Toro Infinity sprinklers added across the greens, approaches, fairways and the larger tees, with T5 and T7 sprinklers on those remaining. Plus, GAC Module was added, delivering high speed diagnostics to allow for more control, increased precision and to simplify maintenance.

“The installation was completed in spring this year, and while I knew we would see further improvement, I didn’t think it would happen so quickly,” says Paul. “It’s been a superb transformation. The standard of the course now is just incredible. Particularly on the fairways, which weren’t irrigated before, and the whole team is really happy with how easy everything is to operate. The Infinity sprinklers in particular are fantastic with a big bonus being that they are top accessible, so maintenance is easy and doesn’t disrupt play.”

But the biggest benefit Paul says is how the system has helped the team manage the care of the turf on a tricky sand-based course: “It’s a constant battle to irrigate during summer: we were losing turf at the end of the season almost every year, particularly in 2018 when the hot weather was quite destructive. Now we can keep the turf alive throughout the whole year.”

With such a large project now complete, Paul is looking forward to seeing the long-term results Toro irrigation will bring.

“We decided to go with Toro because of the quality of the products, the support available and the great working relationship we have with Reesink,” he concludes. “Taking all of that into consideration, with the results we’ve seen already, I’m confident that our Toro irrigation system will perform to an excellent standard for years to come.”

Reesink Pumps Up Range With Franklin 

Water management made quick and easy with new line of water pumps 

Reesink Turfcare is the new distributor of Franklin water pumps to the UK and Ireland. The turfcare distributor has secured a range of high-quality pumping systems for clean and dirty water in submersible and surface applications.

Robert Jackson, water division sales manager for Reesink Turfcare, which also stocks Toro irrigation control systems and sprinklers and Otterbine pond and lake aerators, says: “With the introduction of the Franklin range we’ve made the purchasing decision very easy and straightforward for customers needing a new water pump. The products are great quality, the cost is reasonable: there’s something for every requirement.”

The ES, VS and EV series are suitable for pumping clean water through irrigation systems at golf clubs and sports grounds, and the EGT and EGF series provide the solution for dirty water extraction from reservoirs, streams, lakes and pits. 

The ES series includes the five-inch compact close-coupled submersible multistage pump with 50Hz for flow up to 7.5m³/h. It is small and installation is easy as it is not necessary to connect the pump to a control panel. 

The hydraulic design of the four-inch submersible VS series enhances overall efficiency, reduces energy consumption and makes the pumping systems more cost effective. The 50Hz deals with flow up to 24m³/h.

The EV Series features multistage surface pumps with single free-flow impellers, which are good for irrigation systems with a flow up to 120m³/h with the 50Hz.

Robert continues: “In most cases customers are opting for a like-for-like pump exchange and we believe our range has something to suit most requirements in a fine turf, commercial and residential situation. The idea is we have a range of products that can be bought, delivered promptly and fitted straight away.”

Concluding the new range from Reesink are the EGT and EGF series, submersible drainage pumps for dirty water in hard-working environments. They are also widely used for water extraction from ponds, streams or pits and for rainwater collection. They can deal with a liquid temperature of up to 35°c, a pH value of 6-11 and maximum immersion depth of 5m. 

Robert concludes: “A new pump brings multiple benefits such as improved energy efficiencies and variable speed solutions, whether you need to boost your water pressure, irrigate your golf course, or extract water for more sustainable water consumption, Franklin will have a solution for your needs.”

Contact Reesink today to see how the Franklin range can help you quickly and easily. Call 01480 226800, email, or visit