Chingford Golf Range - Refurbished

Chingford golf rangeAbout 15 years ago Gordon invested heavily in the range, turning it from a single story structure to the two-tiered structure of today. He has now further reinvested with beautiful new bay dividers and excellent flooring - all supplied by Range Solutions. 
In addition, he has also installed a new ball washing system and dual outlet European Golf Machinery ball dispenser. The ball dispenser is now equipped with the latest Nayax units so golfers without cash can access a bucket of balls in the most convenient manner.
Range Solutions were delighted to once again supply their products to Gordon: 
“We were very pleased to be asked by Gordon Goldie of Chingford Golf Range to carry out the refurbishment of the driving range.  Our team of installers worked extremely hard installing our Range Solutions carpet tiles throughout the range including the walkways, bays and stairs.  Our bespoke Range Solutions bay dividers and hand rails were also installed to ensure a safe practice environment was achieved, with the existing seating areas moved to the rear of the range.  The difference in the driving range is amazing - we are very proud of the finished result.  We would also like to add that working with Gordon has been an absolute pleasure and we look forward to working with Chingford Golf Range again in the future.”
Gordon has also adapted to changing times and has developed a Pilates studio and also a boxing gym, neither of which are common at golf ranges, but both are very related to fitness and well-being which is now so much more important to keen golfers. The Pilates studio is extremely popular and has taken the place of the cafe, which was just not attracting sufficient trade. The golf reception specialises in Ping golf equipment and Michael Perry, the centre’s PGA professional, uses all the latest high-tech equipment to teach and custom fit golfers for Ping golf equipment. Gordon still teaches occasionally, but is happy to let Michael do more of the teaching. He spoke to Golf Features:
“The golf range industry has changed so much during my career. It would almost be impossible for me to imagine running a golf range where I had a boxing gym and a Pilates studio when I set out as a young pro all those years ago. It is absolutely vital that we keep moving with the times and I’m delighted to have been able to adapt and improve the centre here at Chingford several times over the course of my ownership. 
“I’m particularly pleased with excellent service we had from both Range Solutions and European Golf Machinery, who have supplied me with various essential elements to trade here throughout my career. I’m very excited about the new Nayax system, which will allow me to take small credit card vends directly at the ball dispenser. Many of my colleagues have done very well with this type of cashless system and while we will continue to take cash, it is becoming clearer that people are less willing to walk around with wads of notes and lots of change. 
“Also it is only worth investing in quality and we are so pleased that our new range now allows people to play around a virtual round of golf, aiming at the various fairways that we have created on the outfield and also at our target greens. We have placed exact yardages in all of the bays so people can monitor the exact distance that is required to reach their chosen target. This was fairly time-consuming work, but well worth the effort, as trade has improved substantially since we did the refurbishment.” 
Adrian Yallop, the founder of European Golf has been friends with Gordon for many years and he made the following comment:
“Gordon has been a good friend since we started the business over 25 years ago and I’m delighted that he has reinvested once again in his range. We have supplied him with balls, mats and all of the normal range equipment and he has just completely overhauled his range management system with a new dispenser delivery system, including software, single ball dispensing and Nayax payment systems. He is a wily operator and will be running the range for many years to come – we’ll be delighted to serve him.”
Golf Features will be back to visit Chingford Golf Range again in the near future. Congratulations to Gordon, both on reaching the great ‘golfers birthday’ of 72, but also on reinvesting comprehensive and with such high quality and customer-friendly refinements to his golf range. 
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