Bristol Golf Centre

The centre is currently owned by the outgoing PGA captain, Nicky Lumb. Nicky has been a PGA tutor, golfing Guru, model professional and outstanding golf retailer for many years.
He has now decided to pursue other passions and new projects. He is however, leaving the business in tip-top shape and it is clearly the best place to buy clubs, learn the game, or enjoy golf in an informal setting for miles around.
There are several facets to the business. The golf retail shop is let out to American Golf, who run a superb operation which specialises in expert product knowledge, exceptional customer care and custom fitting. American Golf have been running the retail side of the business for 18 months now, but prior to that this was run in-house by Nicky Lumb and his team. It was a bit of a wrench to stop retailing, but this coincided with Nicky opening up the new adventure putting course and deciding that it was time to pursue other interests. He explains:

“For most of my career I was a specialist golf retailer and this was the whole reason why I bought the golf range at Hambrook in the first place. It allowed me to be the best golf retailer in the region. It gave me the chance to meet thousands of golfers and let them try golf clubs before they bought them. I loved every moment of it, but as time went by I realised the golf retail was getting harder and harder and it was taking more of my time. This coincided with a point in my life when I wanted to do more things away from the golf centre. So, after much careful consideration, we decided to let American Golf takeover the retail side of the business at the golf centre. We were very pleased with the way that we have developed the other parts of the business, especially the adventure golf course, the coffee shop and the new conference rooms, which are becoming more popular with every passing week.”

The range is beautifully appointed, it always has new mats, perfectly functioning Power Tees in all the bays, new balls, and queuing has always been normal at the golf centre. Nicky and his team have always been fastidious in their care for the customer experience. That is why it is one of the best-kept golf ranges in the country and is always spotless throughout.
All of the behind-the-scenes workings of the golf range are professionally managed and work beautifully; even in the worst of weather a golfer will never see a muddy ball. Hi-Nets have installed their first class ball stop fencing on all the important parts of the range, ensuring that there are no problems with ball escape or safety.
The range, which is in a great location next to big hotel, the university nearby and adjoining a major intersection of the M32 motorway. The adventure golf course was added four years ago, after Nicky and his team had spent hundreds of hours considering the best course type for their client base. Like the golf range, the adventure golf course is immaculately kept and it is impossible to see a stray crisp packet or a can of fizzy drink. The course was built by City Golf and is a fine example of a golf themed leisure attraction. The putting course introduces new golfers and entertains existing players with risk and reward married to pure fun.
The coffee shop, which serves delicious Starbucks coffee, has developed to accommodate these different parts of the business and now serves all the latest cappuccinos and lattes, mixed with an array of ice creams and products focused on a younger audience.
It is perfectly located so that those people not engaged in the activity of putting can watch their loved ones enjoy the course while they have a bit of quiet time to themselves. A parent’s paradise!
In fact, this part of the business has grown so strongly that Nicky realised that parties and groups were going to be a big part of the business in the future. With that in mind, he opened a function room and has recently added another. Both are hired out regularly to groups of people wishing to hold meetings and also to those wishing to do team building exercises, which include a round of adventure golf. It is a first class location, so it is not surprising that the function rooms are very popular with all sorts of different clients.
Not surprisingly, the golf academy at the Bristol golf Centre is another beacon of excellence. Golf lessons are available to fit every pocket and specialist teaching is accessible to all.
The Bristol Golf Centre is a perfect example of a beautifully run golf range and there will be lots of interest in those wishing to purchase it. Unusually for such a centrally located range, it is also freehold so it is a fantastic investment opportunity. With 11.5 acres of freehold throwing off an EBITDA of over £400,000 per annum, this is a once in a generation chance to invest in a thoroughly run and well thought out golf centre.

For those wishing to get further information on the sale of the business, please contact Tom Marriott on: 07900672045, or email him on: