Basildon Golf Course Clubhouse Extension

Basildon Golf CourseThe clubhouse at Basildon was initially extended by about 50sqm in 2014, just after the business was taken over by Golf Features editor Colin Jenkins and his wife Marion.

The golf course, which had been totally renovated since the Jenkins’ takeover and is now in excellent order throughout, was rather let down by the limited amount of room inside for functions and entertaining golfing guests.

The old clubhouse at Basildon had burnt down many years before in slightly mysterious circumstances, so the original pro’s shop had been subsequently adapted and chopped around to provide a bar, kitchen facilities, changing rooms and a small area to socialise in.

At best it was a temporary solution, but it had endured for many years, as there had been no funds available for reinvestment.

The Jenkins decided at the outset of taking over the club that transforming this existing building, as funds permitted, was their preferred route.

The new building extension was designed as a single-storey addition, with maximum flexibility for those using and enjoying the clubhouse.

Two sets of bi-fold doors, an additional set of double doors and moveable self-standing room dividers allow the various areas of the new clubhouse to be separated, with their own access to patio areas. This is particularly useful when they are holding a private party, corporate event or wake.

The new building has combined to give the overall clubhouse a light and airy, open-plan feel and the new efficiently-insulated extension ensures that there is no heat loss in the winter.

There is plenty more to do with the business at Basildon, Marion Jenkins added:

“Colin and I have looked at dozens of clubhouses over the last year or so, and have borrowed all the best ideas from the various different styles that we’ve seen.

"Building a single story is relatively inexpensive and has allowed us to produce a very pleasant space for our members and guests without breaking the bank.

“The clubhouse has to work well throughout the seasons, so it is very important that it links to the outside as well.

"The next stage in the business is to develop beautiful patio areas, which will provide the opportunity for golfers and other visitors to relax and enjoy alfresco food and drink available from the clubhouse.

"The kitchen has already been enlarged twice and there are plans afoot to make a substantial increase in its size again so that even bigger events can be handled with ease.

"Our golfers at Basildon are very sociable and we have already had several memorable parties and events - and we are bound to host many more in the coming years. These are certainly exciting times at the club for us all.”

Colin commented: “The course is very busy throughout the year and especially in the spring, summer and autumn months.

"We have priced the cost of playing keenly, so that with our twilight golfer is able to play unlimited golf with a free pint after 4pm, which ensures the evening trade in the summer is extremely brisk.

"If we can tempt regular golfers to invite family members up for roast dinners on Sundays, barbecues in the summer evenings and other temptations based around socialising with food and drink, then the business is bound to prosper.

"Our business model has always been that of a busy pub with an elaborate beer garden.”

Basildon Golf Course is a great place to visit, with some fantastic practice facilities:  anyone interested in considering a super-sized putting green, a GolfPod or wanting to discuss any aspect of the golf industry is always welcome.

More details are on the website: and you can reach Colin directly on 0776 8887033 or by email at: