Awesome Golf Drives The UK’s First Flightscope Range Installation

Gavin Hamer and Neil Burke

The system is being used in conjunction with an innovative software package from new developer Awesome Golf and is already delivering ‘Seriously Playful Practice’ across all of the driving range bays at Horsham. This versatile, comprehensive, fun, software suite brings a golf experience that caters for both data-hungry serious golfers and players who just want to hit balls and play games. 

The Awesome Golf / FlightScope Range combination was chosen by Horsham Leisure owner Neil Burke because as well as offering a fantastic golf experience for his customers, it also provides practical solutions that other ball tracking systems failed to deliver. 

Neil explains, “The range at Horsham is enclosed by the largest ‘range pod’ in the UK, so ball flight has a restriction.  This posed a lot of problems for some of the ball tracking solutions we looked at, but FlightScope can extract a huge amount of data from even the shortest of shots, which allows for beginners and juniors to get results from all their shots.    “As soon as we saw the depth of data it could provide and the way that Awesome Golf software converts that into such a rich experience for every type of golfer, ordering the package was an easy decision to make.”

The system, which includes state-of-the-art, high visibility outdoor screens and bays that cater for left and right-handed players, has only been in place for a few weeks but the impact on the venue has been immediate.    Neil continues, “We have already seen footfall increase as well as the type of use.  For the first time, we are seeing more than one person in a bay. 

“Families and dads and daughters are playing games together and we’re also seeing teenagers playing in groups. The ability to track short shots and the fun games from Awesome Golf make it perfect for beginners and juniors, but our serious golfers also love the depth of ball and club data and the accessible presentation of their stats. It really is the most complete solution I have seen on the market.”

Gavin Hamer founder and creator of Awesome Golf has been working in conjunction with MIA, the UK distributor of FlightScope, to bring the system to Horsham.  He is delighted to see the product in use and to get positive feedback from Neil and the PGA pros coaching at the venue.  Gavin comments: “I created Awesome Golf for my son, so when the PGA pros here tell me about the fun they are having coaching their juniors using Awesome Golf, it makes the hard work worthwhile.

“But fun isn’t just for the kids and I’m delighted that every type of golfer is really having fun using it. We’re already getting range users coming up with ideas for new games, which is brilliant!”

Awesome Golf | FlightScope Range solution is available as a competitively priced lease to buy model, meaning that you take ownership of this state-of-the-art golf entertainment system at the end of the lease.  Remote support and a hands-on marketing team will make sure that you not only build your business but can maintain it. 

The software is available to purchase now as a complete solution for Driving Ranges, for use on current FlightScope models, and as a great home simulator solution in conjunction with the brand new Mevo+.  Whether customers are playing the Ocean course, blowing up boats, shaping shots or splashing sharks, one thing is for sure – your outfield will never look the same again!

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About Awesome Golf
Awesome Golf will transform your range or simulator.  With games that cater for the leisure market and practice modes which offer unbeatable shot data, Awesome Golf sets new standards. This cost-effective, owned solution is a comprehensive, fun, reliable system which customers of all ages can play. Awesome Golf is the perfect partner for FlightScope products and for a FlightScope Range set-up. Get in touch to arrange a demo.

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