Robots in charge at Stoke Park

In a bid to switch from manually-focused outfield maintenance to an automated one, the driving range at Stoke Park saw the recent installation of robot technology, provided by AMS (Automated Managed Services), which form part of their automated outfield maintenance service solution. 
The robot implementation requires no capital outlay from the facility and is a cost effective solution to the chores of outfield maintenance. The equipment includes the BigMow robot lawn mower, BallPicker robot ball collector and an automated ball wash and return system.
A simple and easy, no obligation, site appraisal from one of the AMS team to access the viability of your site is all it takes to get started. As part of the process they calculate a monthly service cost, based on the previous 12 month ball output of the facility. The AMS service plan, called 'Range Ball Plan,' is structured as a cost per ball agreement. The service covers the collection, wash and return of the golf balls to the dispenser and the mowing of the whole outfield 3 to 5 times 
a week. 
Stuart Collier, Director of Golf at Stoke Park, answered some questions about the installation:
What type of facility is Stoke Park?
We are a members’ club, and we have a members’ practice facility with a golf academy.  Our practice facility is laid out with 18 hitting areas at one end and another 10 at the other end, so we have 28 areas in total.
How did you find the installation process?
The actual process has been good, in regards to carrying out the works very effectively. Just with the implementation, there was a few teething problems with everyone getting to grips with how the new system works. 
Did the driving range require any modification?
No, the only change was the resurfacing of all our bunkers, to accommodate the robots, but we have not needed to implement anything else.
What kind of feedback have you received?
It has been very positive. I think people have enjoyed seeing them out there and obviously it’s good to have them at our disposable to work as long as it needs to do to keep the range clear night and day. So, overall it has been pretty positive.
What do you see as the biggest/noticeable transformation since the installation?
I think the biggest improvement has been the outfield itself with the BigMow robot - not having the heavy machinery going over it on a daily basis has meant the quality of the outfield has improved dramatically.
What further comments would you like to say about working with AMS?
The back up and support has been good and we are looking forward to getting through the season with all the equipment in place and giving us a consistent level of service.
Founded in 1908, Stoke Park is located 35 minutes from London and just 7 miles from London Heathrow and boasts 300 acres of private estate. 
If you would like more information about the TrueBot Outfield Robots, please visit their website or call them on 01462 676222.